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Social Mobile Elite LLC

Social Mobile Elite is a collective group of superior talent and skill. We use our skills to help businesses grow their customer base.

We pride ourselves on having the best tools and resources for almost any task.


We are leaders in our industry, not only bringing new technology to the market but creating avenues for business to achieve their goals using creative strategies.

SME Story 2020

In the beginning, Nov 2019, Social Mobile Elite primarily serviced the restaurant industry. We were carving out a new niche in the restaurant industry. We had found a way to increase restaurant sales and increase customer satisfaction without either of them spending any more money. The equipment we were using came from oversees which wasn't a problem until the epidemic hit the U.S.!

In addition to not being able to get new equipment, all the restaurants started to shut down, which left us with no potential clients and no way to generate income. Due to the fact that I had been researching why I couldn't get my equipment from the ports, I stubbled on what was already a crisis in every other country and rapidly approaching the U.S. Further research lead me to believe that there was going to be a wave of new products and services due to this virus. We began making face masks, and hygiene door openers.

After a few weeks, everyone had caught on and were making them too. After feeling like a failure, I was divinely inspired to create something that could fight back! I don't like germs and the fact that something so silly yet life threatening could stop me from feeding my family had me livid.

So, I took my ideas and turned to youtube.com where I learned how to do EVERY aspect of creating a homemade prototype, patent filing, manufacturing, and bringing it to retail. We now have new motivation and have started the movement "Fight The Virus".

We are also members of the Saginaw County Chambers of Commerce. Our products are already helping our community by reducing the spread of germs. However we need your help to make a bigger impact. Help Us Fight the Virus.