BNI Business Keychain Set

-BNI Members Only!

Due to the current epidemic, we are asking that everyone help us stop the spread of the Corona virus.

As a BNI Member, you can help everyone by using a BNI Touchless Business Keychain Set.

The BNI Touchless Business Keychain Set includes: 1- Touchless Door Opener and 1- Touchless Digital Business Card Fob.

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The Touchless Digital Business Card Fob will allow you to give out business cards to anyone with a cell phone, without the need to transfer paper "Germs!" Simply tap your DBC Fob to any cell phone and your digital business card will pop up automatically on their phone.


The Touchless Door Opener will allow you to open doors without touching them. It will also allow you to use keypads without the need to contaminate your hands.

It is very important that we all do our part in keeping ourselves and others safe! The BNI Touchless Business Keychain Set is the perfect way to keep moving forward in these troubling times.