Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Elite Power Hub

How Much Does it cost to advertise?

Advertising is a monthly fee of $10 / HUB. A business must advertise on at least 10 HUBS a month.

What locations are you in?

We currently have and are negotiating contracts with: The Fashion Square Mall, Buffalo Wild Wings, Covenant Health Care Facilities, Ascension Health Care, Hooters, Garber Automotive and more locations to come.

How long is my ad going to be displayed?

Your ad can be displayed for a month, a year or even three year agreements.

How many times is my ad going to be displayed?

Between 8000 to 16,800 times per week. Depending on host location’s open hours.

Any upfront fees?

Yes there is a $69 setup fee. This fee includes your first ad design, upload of ad on launch day, free consultation with our media manager, and social media connection to our social media pages and 1,000s of followers.

Is there a minimum amount of hubs I have to advertise on?

Yes. You must agree to advertises on at least 10 HUBS per month.

Is there a contract?

Yes there is a contract to advertise. However we have month-to-month contracts that are no obligation, meaning you can cancel at anytime. We also have annual contracts that allow for better incentives and better rates.  

Can I change my ad?

Yes, Elite Power Hubs are real-time wi-fi devices which allow us to change ads as often as you need, for a small fee($30). Changes update in less than 72 hours.

Where do I send my ad info and picture?

You can send it to us at:

How do I pay for my ad?

We accept Paypal, check, and cash. Give us a call and one of our staff will assist you.