This Offer is Exclusive to BNI Members!


The BNI Business Keychain Set Includes:

1 - BNI Digital Business Card Fob

1 - Touch-less Door Opener


Friends of BNI have partnered with SME to bring its members something useful now and in the future. Staying at home isn't always possible, so if you have to go out.. be prepared! The BNI Business Keychain Set will allow members to still be active while being safe. STOP passing out business "germ" cards! Your BNI Digital Business Card Fob will take care of that GERM FREE! 

Stop using your hands and fingers on door handles and payment machines. Your Touch-less Door Opener can handle that.


The World's First "Elite Business Keychain" Tap your Elite Business Keychain to any compatible smartphone to instantly display and share all of your social networks and personal content. Get Rid of Your Paper-Back Business Cards and Go Digital. No Wi-Fi Network or data connection required.

BNI Business Keychain Set

  • Lead Generation Tool: Get more leads from your meetings. Follow up faster and close more deals.

    The Elite Business Keychain is a digital business card with NFC technology on a keychain. The Elite Business Keychain instantly shares your contact, social & location details, ready to be saved in a phone's address book.

    The Elite Business Keychain allows you to change your contact details anytime & anywhere. Just have one Elite Business Keychain & you will never run out of business cards at critical moments.

    The Elite Business Keychain lets you keep track of when, where & with whom you shared your contact details. All this without a custom app!

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